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Falcon continuously signed offline Weid and Durant

With the departure of Sean WeatherSpoon, Atlanta hopes to fill this vulnerability at the fastest speed. Tuesday, the team was announced to sign two line guards. Falcon with the former Houston Texas people’s Brookes Reed, a contract worth $ 22 million, a contract worth $ 22 million. In addition, they also signed the Qian Dallas denim 卫 Justine Durant (JUSTIN DURANT).

In the 2011 season, Texas took a 42nd sign to pick Riddel, nfl biz cheap jerseys then he first sent 52 games, gradually growing into the team’s defensive power. The 28-year-old Reed showed higher than expected ability in the anti-running, but the team was disappointed in the branch. In the 5 seasons, he only completed 14.5 killing, game cut nfl jerseys as a 3-4 outline guard, this figure could not satisfy anyone.

Falcon’s new coach, former Seattle Hawks Afensive Coordinator Dan Quinn has its own ideas for this signing. He believes that only in the 4-3 defensive lineup, Rid can play its entire strength. The same situation also happened to Durant, the 29-year-old line defended in October last year due to injuries. Qui Dynasty is confident to help him retrieve the best.

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