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After the renewal of Ryan Tannehill, Lightning and Pirates is the most likely two footprints in Braddy. Braddy announced in the morning of Tuesday not to stay in the patriot. Before the lightning was released, the quarterfilip rivers, Lifes had signed with the pony one year.

This season, Hubble was repeatedly exploded with the players, and his advice and level also had accredited and doubt. At present, 49 people have already fallen into the uncomfortable desperate, Hubble must come up with way to solve the attack problem as soon as possible.

US Time Wednesday Wedling told reporters: “Do you think I am just a self-importance now, and what I can do now. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, I will feel I have left, sometimes I feel good in the morning, I feel that I can play another season, but I still have to draw. “

Keyer served as a defensive coordinator of dolphins from 2012, before he served as a ten-year defensive guard coach in Cincinnati Tiger. After the team played in the New York jet, the Dolphin Defensive Group was ranked third in the total defense code number. Keir’s defensive group cannot reach people’s expectations.

But the relationship between the two is as follows, so I don’t know, especially Jones, formerly to hire the world’s top lawyer David Boyes to stop the NFL Chairman Roger, Roger Goodell Renewal incident.

All this action is likely to make a decision to assume Guardel’s “Whether to consider whether Jones’ behavior or the interest of the entire league or the whole professional American football”. Of course, everything is in discussion, unless there is a hoping point, then this will be an explosive news.

The 35-year-old plug-in race has completed 13 batches in the 8th game of St. Louis Rams in the season. Since 2012, he has not completed the ball with more than 1000 yards, along with the Alliance Routine With only more than 3 months, Wilke has not decided to retire.

Earlier on Tuesday, the news said that Los Angeles lightning exits Brundi. They have previously issued a formal invitation, and they also have a contract. But according to reports, household factors are also covered by Braddy, compared to lightning, piracy is closer to New England.

At present, the Hubble team is in an absolute disadvantage in the competition of the playoffs. The team may need to win the remaining four games, and it is possible to grab an outer card. In the question and team offense needs to be reassessive, and when making a large change, Hubble said: “We are always doing this, we will continue to do so in the future. Assess, adjust, change. As for You said & lsquo; bigger change & rsquo;, I don’t know which aspect you refer. “

Tom Breddy is expected to sign a contract with piracy, and the date has not been finalized

US Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, Tom Brady is expected to sign with Tampawan piracy. There is currently no official date or arrangement. However, there is a report that both parties will announce this news on Wednesday.

In the pirate, Breddy is not worried without the ball weapon: Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Oj Howard (Oj Howard) and Cameron Bates Ren Jun chooses. Evans is a player who brought over thousands of yards in the first six years before the Randy Moss. Golden was selected for two years in the best lineup last year. In the case of two games in the leg glute, the number of ball propulsions can still be eligible.

The latest news is that there are many NFL team bosses that are discussing the possibility of force Jones leaves the current denim boss position. “It is theoretically they can do this, which is equivalent to canceling Dallas’ management rights. Message from the interior of the league Digital League boss is discussing the feasibility of this behavior. “

49 people coach: We have been assessing the team’s attack

San Francisco 49 people CEO Jed York said in the Team Launched by Seattle Hawks, such a lighting mode is unacceptable. His remarks once again pushed the tip of the tights. In the game, the team only promoted 164 yards, of which 100 yards were passed, and the ball was 64 yards. After Jim Harbaugh, this number is ranked 2 after the head of the team. In the past six games, 49 people have 5 scores fail to exceed 20.

NFL’s bosses can force Jun Jones to sell denim

Dallas Cowboy Old Bo Jerry Jones Jones US Sunday and the team together in Atlanta, with him with his views, there is a boss of Atlanta Falcon, Arthur Blank.

Dolphin Dismount Defense Coordinator Keyer

After a few days of the Miami Dolphins, I re-adjusted the attack trainer arranged by the offensive trainer, and the Dan Campbell, who appeared to the dolphin coach group.

Many expectations are supported by Ndamukong Suh. His contradiction between Kiel has reached the point where the Soviet shoes is not wearing shoes to participate in the form. Suhe other dolphins defenders held a closed meeting to discuss the dissatisfaction of the Keyer defense system last weekend.

Obviously, he has not ended yet. After four days of Campbell, Dolphin announced that the dismissal of the hardships of defensive coordinators Kevin Coyle. This decision made by Campbell, he got the management to allow the management to change the coach group after a temporary coach on Monday. Defensive guards Wi Lu-Anarumo will take the location of Keyer.

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