RLST 145 – Lecture 15 – Hebrew Prophecy: The Non-Literary Prophets

So apostolic prophecy – this refers to messenger prophets. His prophecy proves correct, of course. And he says, “Isn’t there another prophet of the Lord right here through whom we will inquire? The final prophet of the classical prophets was Malachi. It’s solely Saul and David who’re among the many prophets. The first thing I would like to consider is the notion of what I call “yes-males,” as opposed to true prophets. They want to try to recapture some of the territory that has been misplaced to the north, territory in Syria. The N is for north, so Amos and Hosea are prophesying within the north, Christian writer and they’re warning of this doom. So a prophetess, a prophetess named Hulda, tells Josiah that God plans to convey evil punishment on Judah for these sins, however it is going to be after Josiah’s lifetime as something of a mercy to him. Micaiah prophesies the reality from Yahweh even though it displeases the king and ultimately is going to value him his freedom – to not be confused with Micah: Micaiah.

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