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Erp Wait is strong in the outer anti-running, but often replaces Elvis Dumervil in the Passing Impact Defense. For Hello, the height of 6 feet 2-inch weight 272 pounds of anti-transmission capacity is limited, it will be doubt whether he can be defeated in 4-3 defensive in Dan Quinn. Get more appearance time. The team recently introduced the veteran Philip Wheeler offers a bench depth in the external guard position.

Antonio-Gates hopes to continue to fight next season

Los Angeles Lightning Near Director Antonio-Gates (Antonio Gates) recently expressed the hope to continue to fight next season, so he is about to start with the team to talk about his business next season.

Helmet collision new regulation causes the bear team to sign a contract with Line Weites

Beijing July 29, when Chicago Bear is about to usher in the first preseason; & mdash; celebrities & mdash; & mdash; when they are still not signed with the first round of Xiu Luo-Smith SMIS (Roquan Smith).

The difference between the bear team and Smith lies in whether Smith is banned from this impact. If he will receive a salary protection. Players will allow the team to cancel the guarantee income in the contract. Like Smith is expected to complete a large number of snappers that may be particularly impossible to impact new regulations than other positions.

Although the small horse has to wait for a few weeks to re-develop, it does not hinder the Darius Leonard to expand. The content is naturally the first 49 people who have a franchise in Bacchna, and how to change Matt Eberflus.

This season, Quin and Yedido were allocated 9 cases. Based on PFF (Pro Football Focus), Quinn and Yedido are all collected on the total score 7 and 11. On the coverage score, the former ranks fifth and the latter followed. At present, there are 9 wins and 4 losses of the lions, and the two safety sans are not. But now, who is the strongest combination is not important, can help the team among the ranking in the season.

Bakner, which was selected for the best lineup, said: “During the team, enhanced defense is too great. The video is like a permanent motion. But you can’t only look at the line guard, other defensive front line members It is also ready to go, ready to tear the opposite offensive front line. I think this will make our line guard to show the space of the box, and more opportunities will be made. This can also share some defensive guards, because they don’t have to use It takes too much time to prevent it. “

Pilot: Bakner seems to have permanent motion

A small horse’s defensive performance is very good: the field allows the squad to promote the code number of code. What will I do with Duringrest Buckner? The offensive group that faces the pony will be headaches every week.

The small horse is transferred to the 248.9 yard from the season, and the ranking is more than 10. With Bakner, Shelton, Sheldon Day, after Justin Houston, the opposite sanctuary felt more pressure, and the situation of rushing should also increase significantly.

The new rule allows the alliance to lose the number, fine, expelled outstanding or banned players according to the severity of the fourth severity. It is worth noting that before the introduction of the new rules, the Danny Trevathan was banned due to a violent helmet hit by a violent helmet.

If the cowboy really decides to use a privileged player label, what happens is still an unknown. Players usually do not like the team to use labels to them. But the renewal negotiation between the two sides has last few months, and now there is still no puzzling. In an interview with ESPN recently, Prescot has expressed confidence to complete the renewal. Stephen Jones, a vice president of cowboy, wholesale jerseys said last month, said that Prescott is the head of the team this year’s break.

At the beginning of September last year, Gates completed the 112th game of careers, surpassing the legendary near Tontie-Gonzalez (Tony Gonzalez), this season he completed 30 batches to advance 416 yards and 3 reached.

In the four wholesale nfl jerseys season, only 5 killing of Erdrazhu lack speed and exercise capabilities to solve the problem of insufficient hush ball impact. Quinn will rely on Kreben and Shelby on the inside, depending on the first round of Xiwuk-Bisley, Vic Beasley, interfere with the four-point guard.

Cowboy may use privileged player labels to quartz Prescott

According to informed people, the Dallas Cowbi will face the case where the priviles label may be used in Dak Prescott in the case of renewal negotiations.

The team announced on Friday that they had already signed the front Baltimore Coxtney Upshaw. El Shadow visited New York jet last week and reported to the new England Patriots and 49 people in San Francisco.

Atlantian resurvets signed the front crow line Wei Eupx

In the renewal of Adrian Clayborn, Sen WeatherSpoon and after the introduction of Derrick Shelby, Atlanta Falcon It did not stop upgrading their front line seven defensive.

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