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Ray-Rys returns to the training ground after the shoulder injury

On August 17, Beijing time, Baltimo crow has struck Dallas denim at 37-130 in the quarter. The Ray Rice is marked down due to the shoulder injury, according to the Baltimo Sun Daily, Two days ago he returned to the court to start training Monday.

According to the local media of Seattle, Wilson participated in the team’s warm-up training on Wednesday morning. ESPN also reported that Carol said if Wilson could not appear “(he) would be surprised.”

The comprehensive defensive sharp stroke of the jet is a fun challenge for Wilson that suddenly loses mobile capabilities. Although the jet defense group is now flat, they have the necessary firepower to cause trouble to Wilson.

“If a player is more excellent than the people in front of him, we will start to consider public competition.” Samunan said, “But True completed seven training in 49 people, I didn’t see him 40 days. So now I will not think about it. We will let Jimmy will have the first opportunity to give everyone. If some people seem to help us win, we will make a decision. “

Fitzgerald needs to receive a nuclear magnetic resonance check

Arizona Red Spits Entry-Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) plans to receive nuclear magnetic resonance checks on the local time to determine his hurt in cross-knees. In this week’s game, Fitzgerald offens on the first half. He encountered an opponent’s impact when participating in the three-speed transition. Fitzgerald re-debut in the next half, and in the final wave of the team, Fatiti received the crucial three-speed conversion, helping the team kept the advantage to the final.

49 people coach: Gallopolo is still the number one quarter

US Tuesday, 49 people’s training camp officially opened. Kyle Shanahan, also expressed its presentation that the team did not make four-dimensional open plan.

Fitzgerald said in an interview that he has the ability to take injuries, and the shorthair has explained this. Bruce Bruce – Arians also agreed with this: “Larry came back, and gave a good performance. We will check his situation in Monday.” This week, this entry alliance has been 11 The old year will only complete a total of 2 batches, win 33 yards, but his team is currently 9 wins and 1 neighborhood. The opponent of the next week will be a recent situation of the defending champion Seattle Hawk.

The competitions of each age will run through the whole day, and the university bowl is obviously a feast of Beijing fans who are not tolerant. & Mdash; go out of the home, look at a few American football games!

After the end of the team snapper, Salunhan had appreciated Gallo Polo’s performance and thought this was the best performance in his 2017 season. At present, Gallo Polo has steadily ensured the starting position of the opening ceremony, but there is no guarantee.

Henes born in Miami is praised by the team’s coach with its stable performance. He completed 13 battles this season to get 170 yards 1 time. In the new show, Preston Williams has become the team’s second hand after the reimbursement of the knee quilty.

NFL University Bowl will be held in Beijing on Sunday

All equipped American football is still a relatively fresh thing in China, and the waist flag is a long history. A total of nearly 50 Chinese colleges are in carrying out the waist flag rugby competition & mdash; & mdash; cheap nfl jerseys from china 8th University Bowl of semi-finals and championships will be held in Beijing this weekend.

Wilson was praised before this season, but his data in the new season did not come out. Because of the knee injury, he only took only 755 yards 2 times to reach 1 time passed, the pass success rate was 63.3%.

Sea Eagle is self-confident, Weldens can play the game

Last week, Seattle Seychelo was the Shui Pete Carroll, and three said that the team believed that Russell Wilson was able to play the next game against the New York jet.

A total of four teams will be compete for the title of “University Bowl Champion”. They are the Heavy Man Headman, Shanghai University of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Dali Storm Team and Beijing Institute of Technology. The competition will be held at 10 o’clock on Sunday (October 30) at the Fengtai Sports Center located at No. 55 West Road South Road.

Miami Dolphins and External Hand Allen – Henes Recycling for 2 years

Miami Dolphins has signed a 2-year contract with an external hand Allen Hurns, which will ensure that he is effective for the team to 2021.

The 28-year-old Hels Career has spent 5 seasons in Jacksonville America. Last year he joined Dallas Cowboy, but his ankle was misplaced in the race. He was cut off by cowboy in July and then added to the dolphin.

Since his rookie season, the 27-year-old running guard has just spent his worst sixth career, and the 660-yard advanced in the season and only 4 of the four reaches are the worst, and The average transfer of 3.1 yards is to create a new career.

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