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[Event Review] Fifteen weeks two games: Winson Four Dado lightly taking the lion

Pirate 38-17 lion

In the absence of Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Scotty Miller have been in the middle of the snow, but at least this game In Jameis Winston is not affected.

Wenston pushed 300 yards before the middle of the midfield, the whole game pushed 458 yards, reached 4 times, was copied once, led the pirate big bit to defeat the lion. In the absence of other outer hands, Breshad Perriman stands out of the top vacancies and completed 3 buses.

The lion is difficult to obtain a code number due to injuries and thousands of attacks, and David Blough is copied twice, of which the second copy of the pirate has gone to win the ball.

This victory helped pirates to go back to the five-year winning rate, although they have not been in the playoffs, but they still need to decide whether to continue Wenston to serve as the first quarter. The lions have dropped to 3-10-1, Matt Patricia’s biennium or at least 10 failed, he may not have the third year.

Bear 13-21 packwork

Last year, the National North Champion was defeated by the current champion this year, it may not continue to compete with the head name. Packaging work still has a big chance to kill the playoffs with the partition name.

After this game, the outer card seats are only theoretical for the bear team. As long as the ram or the Viking people win the victory today, they will completely with the game of January. The packaging work is currently 11-3, which is about to compete with the second Viking in the current partition next Monday.

Davante Adams completed 7 batches, pushed 103 yards, reached one time, is two points today. The defensive group is also very good to restrict the Mitchell Trubisky, Den Lowry and Jaire Alexander completed a copy.

Tusbis founded 53 passes to complete 29 times, advanced 348 yards, reached once, and copied twice. Elong Ellen Robinson completed 7 battles and promoted 125 yards.

Dolphin 20-36 giant

Eli Manning’s career first winning rate is still 50%.

After losing it from the eagle last week, Elai passed the ball for 2 times this week, Saquon Barkley squared twice, old, brought the new soldiers to win the dolphins and end 9 games.

Daniel Jones This week is restricted to participate in training, and it is possible to return next week. This also means that Today may be Eli in the last first debut. He is called 3 times today, and 2 is the mistake of the new show. But in the second half, he will make up, help the giant to reverse 10-7 backward situation, and take your opponent.

The 28th pass of the Eleid’s event was completed 20 times and pushed 283 yards. He was replaced by Alex Tanney in two minutes left, and the whole fan got up and tribute to him.

Patriot 34-13 Tiger

Offensive issues still exist, but the defensive group has caused the opponent five ball translation. The patriot has no waste of the attacked position, which is enough to help them win. New England has locked a seasons at a seating seat through this victory. Their next goal is to win the opportunity of the wheel, and start from the main court next Saturday.

Stephon Gilmore completed two copies, once again let Tom Brady completed his career 538th passed, once he attacked 64 yards.

Breddy has completed 2 passes of the ball, only once, PEYTON Manning, becomes the number of NFL history, but Dru Bris Drew Brees today If you can complete the twice to reach the game, he will take the first one with Manning.

In addition, Braddy is not too good today, and 29 passes is 15 times, and 128 yards are promoted. The squash attack is more bright today, Sony Michel squad 15 times, Rex Burkhead completed a 33-code ball reached. The patriot will advance 175 yards today, which is their new high season.

Tiger running Wei Qiao-Michel Mixon 25 times, pushing 136 yards, but Andy Dalton passed 4 times, Xin Xinnatin’s extraction, only hope to continue to aim Sign.

Texas 24-21 Titan

Since 2014, Bill O’Brien has been taught, Texas has obtained the Melanan District championship three times, and today’s victory has made them more close to the fourth champion.

At present, Texas People’s partition records 4-1, and there are also direct battle advantages. They will be held in the next week, and the main court will end the convention season.

Kenny Stills completed 2 buses, De Andre-Hopkins completed 6 battles, promoted 119 yards, Carlos Hyde 26 times, push 104 yards, reached once, Deshaun Watson 27 times completed 19 times, advanced 243 yards, reached 2 times, was copied twice.

Titan has 2:04 hours in the game, and the division is reduced. But gambling kicked by Justin REID. Titan has only 17 seconds, Charles Omanna Hu (Charles Omanihu) killed Ryan Tannehill, wholesale jerseys from china and said Titan Hope.

Tanhariel has completed 22 times, promoted 279 yards, reached 2 times, and was copied once. A.j. Brown (A.j. Brown) completed 8 battles, advanced 114 yards, reached once.

Wild Horse 3-23 Emirates

In the big snow, the chieftain picked up the wild horse, ending the two consensus of Denver, and the enthusiasm of Dreu Rock (Drew Lock) has temporarily resolved.

Tyrek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, passing 41 yards, 5 yards, Travis Kelce completed 11 times Ball, advancement of 142 yards. Mahmus has completed 27 times in the audience, and the 340 yards were promoted, reached 2 times, and was copied once.

The chief has achieved 27 first attacks today, and the 419 yards were promoted, and the top five balls were scored.

Dru Lock (Drew Lock) 40 times completed 18 times, advanced 208 yards, and copied once. Brandon Mc. Brandon McManus completed 32 yards in the first half, contributing their unique score best site for cheap nfl jerseys the wild horses.

Eagle 37-27 red skin

While helping the eagle get a five-pointed rate, this victory also allows them to temporarily pay the country Liandong District.

Reversible winning is not easy, Carson Wentz is connected within the last minute of Greg Ward, the defensive group finally caused Dwick-Haskins (DWAYNE) in the last minute. Haskins, Nigel Bradham, get the ball, attack 47 yards, lock the victory.

The ultimate score is difficult to reflect the thrilling of the game, the eagle and the red skin have been alternately leading. After separating the wins, the eagle will face another partition champion competitor Dallas Cowboy next week.

The rookie quartz, Hassell, Terry McLaurin, is doing well, their former university coach Erban-Meyer is also in Board Dan Sner (Dan The game is watching the game.

Wenz’s 43 passes, 30 times, advanced 266 yards, up to 3 times, is good in the case of the eagle, the outer hand is closed, and it is good.

Sea Eagle 30-24 Black Leopard

The Black Panther’s last holiday has caused some trouble to the sea eagle, but Seattle still laughed at the end.

However, the record of the Sea Eagle 11-3 is less than enough to lock the seasons in the National Union, unless the ram is lost to the denim, or the Viking is lost to lightning. In addition, safety guard Quandre Diggs is the ankle to leave, which has lacking the defensive end of Shadevie – Jadene, Ezekiel Ansah, Line Wiki Kendricks, the Habit Griffin’s Hawks of Shaquill Griffin is a major effort.

Line Guard K.J. Lete (K.J. Wright) Completed two CD, Bobby Wagner completed a copy. Chris Carson scored 133 yards, reached 2 times, Russell Wilson 26 passed 20 times, pushed 286 yards, reached 2 times. Balanced attack and defensive performance is the key to the Hawks maintain a high level.

Black Leopard Siwukie Allen (Kyle Allen) 3 times, the performance and the beginning of the four games when winning four games. Christian McCaffrey has reached twice, and the number of seasons reached 18 times, broke the record of Steve Smith.

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